TapeBuddy by Buddy Tools LLC

TapeBuddy by Buddy Tools LLC
P.O. Box 55
Sulphur Springs OH
Booth: 1311

Company Description:

Innovative, Accessible and Affordable drywall solutions. The motivation behind each one of Buddy Tools LLC products is the desire to make drywall projects better, faster and easier for all kinds of users. The durability, efficiency and simplicity of each tool is meant to make life easier for DIYers and Professionals contractors alike. Stop by our demo booth and try out these amazing tools to see how they can help you on your next project.

Show Specials:

Get all 4 Tools in this Drywall Tools Bundle by Buddy Tools LLC. It includes TapeBuddy Drywall Taping Tool, Mark N Guard Electrical Box Locator, Voted #1 MixIt Drywall Mud and paint Mixer, Scoop-n-Scrape nylon bucket tool.

New Products

Mark N Guard by Buddy Tools LLC is an outlet marker for drywall installation. It makes it easy for locating electrical outlet boxes behind drywall and protects electrical wire from damage. Made with strong ABS Plastic, no measuring needed.

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