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Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield
51 Meadow Lane, Suite A
Northfield OH
Booth: 932

Company Description:

Rhino Shield is a proprietary elastomeric ceramic-based high-build formula that, when applied to the exterior of your home, provides low-maintenance protection from the elements. With Rhino Shield, you will not need to paint your home every 4-6 years, and you can rest assured that your home will stay beautiful and protected through rain, snow, sleet and hail.

So, how does Rhino Shield work? We use a two-coat installation process – once your home is prepped and ready, we apply a primer coat that will seal, waterproof, and provide a bonding agent for the ceramic finish coat. The ceramic finish coat can be tinted in 1,500 color options and is applied in a thick coat to keep the color pure for years to come.

Beautify your home with a proven product that resists fading, water damage and is safe for the environment. Contact us for a consultation today!