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Dog Training Elite of Cleveland

Dog Training Elite of Cleveland
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At Dog Training Elite Cleveland we are a professional, family owned Cleveland-based dog training company with over 40 years of experience that specializes in strengthening the bond between your dog and your family, with a strong emphasis on teaching your dog the highest level of obedience, despite even the toughest level of distractions. Our Cleveland dog training programs are certain to meet all of your training needs. We understand that each client has different needs, so we tailor our dog training programs to accommodate your unique situation. Dog Training Elite of Cleveland also trains service animals and dogs ready to volunteer in the community as therapy dogs and companions to those with special needs.

We base our training around the "Classical Conditioning" model (a.k.a. "Pavlovian" or "respondent conditioning"). This includes developing conditioned or automatic reflexes to commands. In its simplest form (after proper conditioning), when the owner says "sit," the dog automatically sits without thinking about it. Our unique techniques ensure our program is a success no matter what behavior we encounter.

Call us for a free evaluation. We would love to improve the communication and relationship you have with your K9 family member!

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